Leading Change

David has enjoyed teaching a DMin course, “Leading Change,” for Asian Christian leaders in the Doctor of Ministry in Leadership Effectiveness program at IGSL.

Class participants include experienced church planting leaders, pastors, a retired military officer, an entrepreneur, and educators from four Southeast Asian countries.

The International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) is an accredited, graduate-level school in Manila, Philippines with a mission to develop servant-steward leaders for key sectors of society.  Learn more at: www.igsl.asia



Why we’re here

We love helping leaders who cross cultures in order to serve people. That’s why we’re here.

We love Jesus Christ and believe that He is working out His purposes among all peoples of the earth. He calls ordinary people to go from their own culture to another in order to serve people in His name: cross-cultural servant leaders.  That’s who we’re for.

We envision a global missions force of cross-cultural servant leaders who are growing in competency and character so that they may effectively serve those to whom God sends them. We know ministry teams can thrive even in challenging circumstances when they receive proactive care, training and tools.  We understand that leaders grow through personal coaching that draws out the wealth of their own experience and God-given dreams. We believe mission organizations that are committed to developing healthy leaders and teams produce lasting Kingdom results.

We will provide content on this site to help mission leaders, teams and organizations to think, grow, and do what they are called to do.  We welcome your participation – questions, comments, disagreements.  Help us to know how we can help you.

Grace & peace,

David Sedlacek, PhD
Missionary, TEAM | The Evangelical Alliance Mission